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  • Our Goals
  • To take a leap forward as a global general rent group
  • 1. A company leading a brand-new trading mechanism
  • 2. An innovator of a stable investment techniques market
  • 3. To nurture highly qualified professionals


  • Format
  • A small but strong company armed with HONESTY spirit
  • An honest company: A spirit which is the biggest goal in the company's policy
  • Selected elite members: A company consisted of selected elites armed with core competencies
  • A strong company: Pioneering group within the same field making prompt decisions and actions


  • Strengths
  • Possess patent and Korean national network
  • 1. Patent registered business method
  • A patent is registered about 'the rent method of FX Margin Trade'. FXRENT is the business that can be operated only by our company.
  • 2. One and only company that has established Korean national network
  • FXRENT is an O2O private financial service that can exclusively provide Korean national service with app. 140 offline branches.


  • Company Culture
  • Communication, Share, Passion
  • Horizontal Communication
  • All employees freely express their own opinions.
  • Policies Shared Promptly and Accurately
  • To take actions promptly, policies are shared promptly and accurately.
  • Passion for Work
  • We feel proud of ourselves and have a sense of belonging as one team, leading to having a strong passion for work.