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On Sep. 16th, inauguration ceremony of Inyoung Kim, the new CEO of International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd., was held in its HQ located in Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu.

Chairman Cho, executives and employees, and VIPs participated in the ceremony and it was proceeded in the order of Opening the Pledge of Allegiance VIP introduction Appointment Certificate Delivery ▶Congratulatory Speech ▶Inaugural Address Closure.



Through the congratulatory speech, Chairman Cho said, “As Inyoung Kim is a leader with wide experiences, thrust, and leadership, I hope FXRENT executives and employees broadly spread FXRETN to the world with him”.

The new CEO Inyoung Kim ambitiously announced, “The reason why I moved on from my past job was that I saw a vision of FXRENT as a global corporation and I will realize its dream” and “3C (Clean, Clear, Contribute) are making FXRENT to operate clean and clearly and contribute to the society”.

We will become the FXRENT, which develops with the new CEO Inyoung Kim.​