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International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd. Won the first place of “2019 Customer Special Excellent Brand” sponsored by Korea JoongAng Daily.



President Jung Sik Cho is providing a platform, where the customers can enjoy virtuous circle effect. International FXRENT HQ newly changed its company name this year to globalize “FXRENT”, which is financial rent trading platform, and is developing as a global company. “FXRENT” is a rent trading that reduces margin and various fees, which are burdening to small amount investors and retail investors.


International FXRENT HQ occupies FX Margin Trading by burdening the margin and various fees, and then rents the profit/loss right to the Members, which stems from the owned amount. In spite of increased trading amount compared to previous FX Margin Trading, there is no concern of foreign currency outflow. Thus, the fund comes back to domestic and it is virtuous circle effect and innovative platform.


Besides, one and only technology called “FX Margin Trading Rent Trading Method” is a registered patent as its technological prowess is recognized. 



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