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The general meeting for legal support foundation establishment was held for socially neglected people who are not protected by the law.

International FXRENT HQ President Jung Sik Cho held an opening ceremony of Yangpa Foundation on last Jun. 26th. 



Yangpa Foundation will provide legal supports to socially neglected people who are not protected by the law. Also, it will endorse research activity to spread constitutionalism and is planning to encourage people who contribute to establishing constitutionalism.

Especially, Yangpa Foundation will cover litigation expenses of people, who cannot be protected by the law as they are unaware of laws or have financial issue, to help them live proudly together as our neighbors.


Yangpa Foundation will be operated with the initial fund of USD 500,000 from President Jung Sik Cho and fund of International FXRENT HQ. International FXRENT HQ, which runs financial rent platform FXRENT, develops a virtuous circle system that prevents leaking of spread cost for FX Margin Trading contract to overseas and holds the fund in Korea.


President Jung Sik Cho said, “Yangpa Foundation means that innocent person cannot be forcedly played by the law, as onion is still an onion though we peel it multiple times”.