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Japan Sankei Biz. introduced FXRENT business, writing that customer-friendly business FXRENT is expected to grow rapidly in Japanese financial market ba[------]sed on their patent in Japan.


​This news was published through Japanese presses including Sankei Biz, Asahi Daily and the like on February 15th local time.


As the business right of FXRENT managed by Smart Management Co., Ltd. is transferred to INGO-WGCA 72 FXRENT HQ. Co., Ltd., (a.k.a. FXRENT HQ. Co., Ltd.), the employees are doing their best to popularize FXRENT business.


Korean financial specialists said that different from Korea, there are many financial products including FX margin trading, binary option, mini lots etc. in Japan to compete with, which may affect FXRENT business in Japan negatively.  However, they also added that FXRENT may be acclaimed in Japan if the unique competitiveness of FXRENT is maintained as it is in Korea.


Staff of FXRENT HQ. said: “the patent was applied at once in various countries and it was registered in Japan for the first time among them” and that “Japan is the first step to the worldwide market and we will spread FXRENT all over the world.”


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