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admin 2019-02-13 14:38:51

In December 2018, INGO-WGCA 72 FXRENT HQ. (a.k.a. 72 FXRENT HQ. represented by Jung Sik Cho) confirmed the patent registration of “Rent trading method for FX margin trading” from Japan Patent Office, and its certificate is issued in January 2019.  Through this, a cornerstone for FXRENT business to leap into Japanese market has been prepared.  Financial specialists foresaw that Japanese market with thriving FX margin trading would be a great place to try FXRENT’s international competitiveness.

Following this, a bright future of 72 FXRENT HQ. to the international market is expected.

Jung Sik Cho, the CEO of 72 FXRENT HQ. said: “leaping into the global market will also be contributing to the job creation in Korea”.  He also emphasized that “as a financial sharing platform, FXRENT will become a new growth engine industry in the 4th industrial revolution generation.”

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