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On 15th, ahead the summons of Lim, Jong-heon previously the deputy department head at the Office of Court Administration, being the key figure of the suspicion in monopoly of jurisdiction, Anti-corruption Civil Movement General Federation, a.k.a. ACMGF and more than 300 citizen unions had issued a national statement denouncing “suspicion in monopoly of jurisdiction and dealings in trials” and held a denouncing contest at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in Seocho-dong.


Through the national statement, they had argued that the Supreme Court, although being nothing but a supervisor of people’s legislation, abuses negative system interpreting the law unfavorably for the general public but favorably in relation to the judiciary, dismissing confiscation warrant in a row towards the suspicion of dealing in trials which requires clear judicial judgement.  They also insisted to process cursory investigations and system improvement.

Also, they had criticized the Supreme Court’s ambivalent attitudes not issuing confiscation warrants towards illegal situations exposed to the world when issuing them easily towards powerless commoners, claiming that the National Assembly to set up special warrant judges and special justice department promptly to rectify legal justice.

Meanwhile, Cho, Jung-sik the national chairman of ACMGF said: “Most Korean law is adopting “negative system”, listing articles prohibited and liberalizing the rest in principle, not “positive system” listing articles not regulated or prohibited” and claimed “to realize legal justice, we need to adopt “positive system”, not “negative system” which bears controversial issues to be interpreted unfairly to build a fair socity”.

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