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admin 2018-10-08 17:59:55

Experienced advanced financial system through field trips at HKSE and HKMA

Smart Management Co., Ltd., (CEO Cho, Jung-sik), a rental service (finance sharing) company of FX margin trade, conducted a workshop program in Hong Kong for 3 nights and 4 days from Oct. 4th to 7th to reinforce the leadership of its team leaders.

During this workshop, the team leaders had visited HKSE (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and toured financial system in Hong Kong, and also had visited Hong Kong Monetary Authority and experienced Hong Kong’s advanced financial system.  Also, all the team leaders gathered around and tried to find out smooth communication methods per each team member and team, and discussed difficulties occurring from each team.  Additionally, they also had spent time suggesting visions per each team to provide stable service of FXRENT being in its 4th year of business.

CEO Cho, Jung-sik, well-known for emphasizing Work, Life, Balance, said: “I asked all the team leaders to enjoy their trip freely besides formal schedules” and added that he wanted “the team leaders to recharge their body and soul through this workshop for the enhancement of their job performances”.

Mr. Lee, Byeong-jin, the deputy department who was in charge of guiding the team leaders at this workshop, said: “it was a great experience to talk about difficulties from each team and make tight bonds with other team leaders” and that “this workshop was a great one to enlarge our experiences and interact with each other through recharging time provided by our CEO.”

Also, the team leaders who took part in the Smart Management Co., Ltd. workshop had visited DBS Bank, which is the main bank of Smart Management (FXRENT) Corporation in Hong Kong established in this July, and inquired about the financial service to be applied to their own business effectively.


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