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Smart Management Co., Ltd. (CEO Cho, Jung-sik) said they had received venture certification from Small & medium Business Corporation.  Through this, the FXRENT business managed by Smart Management Co., Ltd. is anticipated to be gathering momentum.

In the Revised (Plan) of Venture Special Law Enforcement Ordinance planned to be publicly announced and enforced by Korean goverment, private acts services and dancing hall management business”, “trading and brokerage of coded assets ba[------]sed on Blockchain” was added as a venture excluded business to current “amusement and operation of dancing and drinking hall management services.  In spite of this current trend, Smart Management Co., Ltd. whose business is to lease FX margin trade (FXRENT) had received venture certification, which “surprised” related business communities.

As a result, the FX margin trade lease business (FXRENT) of Smart Management Co., Ltd. has created an opportunity to support its legality by additionally acquiring venture certification.

CEO Cho, Jung-sik said that he “had confidence in FX margin trade lease business (FXRENT)” and added that they “had acquired patent according to patent law and operated the business legally, so were able to receive venture certification.  Smart Management Co., Ltd. is going to expand its business to the world market and grow as an international business model.”



Smart Management Co., Ltd. said they will do their best to develop brand-new technologies and challenge the world market to become a technical innovation enterprise by utilizing FXRENT, a future-oriented finance sharing service.



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